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19 Mitigating Grinding Boom: Indonesian Cocoa Export Contingencies



07 Feb 2018
7 Economic Overview - Cocoa
Revealed Symmetric Comparative Advantage (RSCA) is one of Intensive Margin indicator to analyze the competitiveness of a sector. Similar as RCA, Ricardian comparative advantage is used as the theory behind both RCA/RSCA the higher the value the more competitive it is for a country to export the product. What makes RSCA more preferable is the symmetric characteristic that enable us to pinpoint whether a sector is advantageous or not, for those who have negative sign is relatively disadvantageous to be exported compare to the positive ones. The source of data is Trademap of two digits harmony system of 40 for the last 15 years. in 2001 the RSCA index of Rubber reach 0.42 which also the lowest point in the last 15 years however RSCA continued to grow until it reach 0.63 in 2004 and the index remain constant until 2005. the index continue to grow until it reach 0.69 in 2006. The highlight was in 2008 where the growth has been steady and finally reach 0.70 the highest point in the last 15 years, unfortunately in the year after, the index dropped to 0.61 but this decrease did not hold for long. However after the RSCA reach 0.69 in 2011 the value continue to decline until 2016 it reach 0.58 in 2016. Even though the trendline is not steep meaning the changes through out the year was not significant, the overall change of RSCA throughout the last 15 years has been positive, the RSCA index indicate that the comparative advantage of Rubber export from Indonesia has been increased

Economic Overview


02 Jan 2018